Sunday, May 9, 2010

"i am but an atom in the grand design of the universe, so it is, indeed, a humbling experience being human in this life i share."

"I am a struggling person finding myself astray at times. Life to me can be so beautiful yet so ugly, warm yet so cold, joyous yet so depressing, and alive yet so dead. I find myself a prisoner to my own foreign mind, and am far from knowing who I really am deep within. My soul is hazed by a polluted misty mind submerged in worldly illusions carried afloat by my inflated ego. My anger burns like an inferno, my greed cripples my content, my lust yields impure, my ego wilts my humility, and my attachment keeps me bound to falsehood. I am lost in my own fallacies and suspect to my own destruction."


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