Saturday, January 9, 2010

"don't know where we're going and who we are. doesn't seem to get us too far. cause everything else is still a mystery and that mystery is life."



1. of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good nor bad; barely adequate.

2. rather poor or inferior.


Emma said...

I don't feel like mediocre is an appropriate word. I feel that sucktastic is good.

Grey Sequins said...

i am a mediocre person.

Cait said...

dont you dare say that

Emma said...

aren't we all? Don't listen to Gninneh - just like yourself. You'll find that you can be very happy.

Grey Sequins said...

how does Gninneh relate?

Emma said...

I am not going to comment on your blog posts anymore. She reads them.

Grey Sequins said...

so whaaat. and i understand how gninneh relates but i believe in more of what gninneh says than what you said.

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