Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"there's a line."

If there wasn't a line I would have such a better post title.

Anyway, five hours of loser's club + winning a race on the highway = great day.

Joe and I almost died. Literally died. You don't even want to know. Though I'm telling you anyway. I gave him a head start on the highway because I wanted to prove to myself that I'm just an overall better racer. Well he took that head start and ran with it for a while. I almost go him at the fork on the highway but Joe was very tricky and pulled some good moves to keep me at bay. Then it got nasty. Traffic + lots of cars + Joe thinking that because his blinker is on he can switch lanes without caring that I am passing him = almost death. Bad, bad, bad. I may not be racing for a while to recover from the shell shock of this race. Which, did I mention, I won.


Joe W said...

bitch, please. I totally beat you. That was not a headstart on the highway, that was me coming from behind and passing you. passing.

Grey Sequins said...

two words: sore loser.

Joe W said...

three words : big fat cheater.

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