Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"christmas makes people bitter."

I made these today and they taste delicious! :)

I've never baked alone before but I was able to make almond biscotti's all by myself!

I got a haircut and got blood drawn today. I was debating chopping my hair back to how short it used to be but I was considering growing it out as well, so in the end I only got a trim. In the case of getting blood drawn, I think it's hilarious because my mom talked to my doctor and told her that I'm cold and tired all the time and of course my doctor thought of some medical reasons that this could be happening so she ordered some blood work. I didn't even bother to fight with my mom over the fact that I'm tired because I'm a college student with a severely messed up sleep cycle and I'm cold all the time because our house is an igloo in the winter. I'm just interested in what she's going to do when the results come back and they show nothing's wrong.

When I got back from that, I started baking. It took me a while to find everything I needed and I ended up using the wrong zester and my zest was all mushy, but the end product was fantastic. Then Joe picked me up and we went to the mall to get gifts for his parents and brother. I think we ended up spending more time in traffic than at the mall.

I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve. It doesn't feel like Christmas at all. It needs to snow or something.


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