Thursday, December 31, 2009

"been there, done that, messed around. i’m having fun don’t put me down. i’ll never let you sweep me off my feet,."

I'm feeling a 2009 post is order since I just looked at Emma's and Caitlin's blogs and I feel left out. Two thousand and nine has been my favorite year thus far. It's probably been the one with the most roller coaster of emotions as well. Finding out who I am and where I belong, having to leave my favorite people, moving on, acquiring a real job and then being fired from it, moving my life to the city, wanting to return home, then again wanting to return 'home' when I realized the city/Northeastern is my home and where I want to be, growing up, new friends, old friends, keep connections, losing connections, and many more realizations that have made me a lot smarter than I was exactly one year ago.

Now this has been difficult. Twelve pictures. Twelve months. Two thousand and nine in a nutshell.

Best friend & me at a basketball game with my recently purchased fisheye lens.

Happy birthday! Ah, good times.

Boy's basketball championship game. Extravagant car rides, excessive rap music, yelling until we couldn't speak, and face paint.

I toured both Northeastern and Suffolk in April, and it was also the month that I decided I was going to be attending Northeastern (after being told that I had to attend Suffolk). This month was probably the most stressful. Also, Joe took the best picture in April of the blue pen. It was a very difficult decision, however, we also went to Germany and France in April, which definitely won for my favorite pictures of the month. I ate these at the very top of the Eiffel Tower.

The month of pneumonia, basically. I got my perfect attendance award this month, yet looked like death as I accepted it. The picture with all of the ladies in our brightly colored dresses and the lake in the background was a top choice, but this one is by far my favorite.

This picture won by default. Graduation was the most significant thing that happened this month even though it was a month filled with pictures from beach trips, graduation parties, and such.

Loser's club (original cast) hang out in the summer consisted of La Carreta, ice cream, a movie, and loitering in parking lots snapping pictures of strangers.

The last month before college. I have a great picture of the Trinity stop sign from one of the last loser's club before leaving and another picture I love from when I went to Portsmouth with Caitlin. However, my favorite thing about this month was the time I got to spend with my mom before leaving. So this picture of her was my favorite.

Moving into college, going to an MIT frat the first night with Kayla, my first concert in Boston, the first party at Kyle's apartment, making new friends, MFA, thousands of Skype pictures, the first month on my own. This is my favorite concert picture of ever taken.

This month consisted of floor birthdays, Head of the Charles, Bo Burnam, fall days, Halloween, and a visit from Emma.

I saw in concert Onerepublic, Carolina Liar, Rob Thomas, Joshua Radin, The Kin, The Watson Twins this month but I loved when Caitlin and Dave came to visit.

Switchfoot, secret santa, Christmas decorations, biscotti's, Mullen and Emma driving next to each other, meeting Santa and Mrs. Claus with loser's club, & family. However, I LOVE this.

What a year it's been.


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