Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"yeah, we're singing, we are okay, we are alright, close our eyes, close our mouth, yeah, we shut our eyes though we're in doubt."

Joshua Radin, The Kin, and The Watson Twins concert from Sunday. It said online that no cameras were allowed (which was a total lie) so stupidly I didn't bring my camera and only have these pictures taken from my phone. I actually don't mind them that much.

The Kin: They are from Australia. Enough said. The second they spoke it was all over. When they were done with their set I ran over to the merchandise table and bought there CD which they signed. And they shook my hand. It was great.

The Watson Twins: Love them. They did a CD with Jenny Lewis who I love and who has really pretty long red hair. At the end of the concert I was able to go over to their table and buy there CD, which they signed, and we actually had a conversation. They are so nice! I thought the one on the left looked like Brankin and loved the blazer the one on the right had.

Joshua Radin. :)

At the end of the concert the drummer through out his drum sticks into the crowd. I basically got my hand around one of them but ended up knocking it to the ground where one of my friends I was with was able to get it, which was fine with me because the Australians shook my hand.


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