Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"love, love will keep us together. think of me babe whenever."

Five days. Finally. I've been counting down since fifty.

Sunday and Monday night I was completely unable to sleep. I went to bed decently early since I had 5 a.m. practice, but I just couldn't go to bed. I think I got no more than four hours each of those nights. It was bad. Then I took naps during the day which messed me up even more.

Practice on Monday was boring, but it was a nice transition back into rowing. I was inside and I switch up from the erg machine to biking. Practice was so good on Tuesday. It was my first time being back on the water after being so sick for three weeks. The antibiotics that the doctor gave me didn't even work. But I feel like I did a good job rowing even though I was off the water for so long. I got two gorgeous blisters from rowing and feathering. :) On Wednesday my boat was inside and we were having a conversation how the rowing team's doctor is a quack. We did twenty minutes of erging, a two mile run, and twenty minutes on the bike. Tuesday night we had had our weight lifting session, so I was significantly sore.

Tonight Kayla came with me on a little adventure, and then we went and ate in the dining hall. She was pretty excited to eat Northeastern food, since I guess she heard it was really good. We ate and then I showed her my dorm room and she met everyone in my hall. Then we skyped with Emma and Joe, note the below pictures.

Emma is going to hate my so much because I told Joe my secret but not her. :)

I can't wait to go to Trinity. I'm so sick of doing badly here. I need a break.
Only two more rowing practices on the water, then after Thanksgiving break we are going to be practicing inside.



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