Monday, November 30, 2009

"and it's a long way home, 
i've been searching for a long time. still have hope, i'm gonna find my way home."

Last night I went to be at 2 a.m., so typical. But I had class at 10:30 and I had to write two papers and study for a quiz beforehand. So I woke, got ready, and alloted 45 minutes to do all of the above. I wrote my spanish paper, made a spanish study guide, and threw together a rough outline of a paper for college writing. The college writing paper you could work on in class, the spanish paper I just had to read out loud for credit, and the spanish quiz was moved to Thursday. Pretty successful day.

My spanish final was moved to next Monday, 11/7 instead of the Friday, 11/11. Now if I can just somehow get myself exempt from the Interpreting the Day's News final I could go home Thursday, 11/10. That would allow two more Trinity days. Craziness.

I have afternoon practices all this week except for am morning erg test on Wednesday. I'm quite excited to get sleep.

Oh and a good tidbit of information - never change your skype status to the smiley face. It asks creepers to talk to you. Who knew.


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