Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"yeah, i never thought we'd fall. it's hard to see the leaves between the forest and the trees from right here. how dare i push you away."

Bought this sweatshirt today. Pretty excited to wear it to practice along with my brand new long coldgear spandex. It's going to be freezing on the water.

Today was a sucky school day, but a good day.
I have the longest to do list ever:
-type all my biology notes
-study for my 9 question true/false biology quiz
-make spanish flashcards
-study for my spanish quiz
-finish my biology lab due friday
-cutout ads for english class

Tomorrow is going to be awful. Thursday always are so hectic. I wake up at 8 and don't stop until I get back from practice around 6. Then I have to keep myself awake for Grey's and Private Practice. Luckily I don't have journalism on Friday morning so if I actually finish my lab/do it in study hall right before class I can sleep in until 10. :)

I'm going to make sure the camera is glued to my eye the entire weekend. :)

Also, I'm getting these glasses sometime around Thanksgiving/Christmas, hopefully:

I basically want to be this girl:

Sorry this is the most random post ever. I have a couple more fashion pictures I'll probably post later tonight when I'm procrastinating studying for my two quizzes.


Cait said...

i just died a bit for those glasses

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