Sunday, October 4, 2009

"what i am is what i am are you what you are or what. oh i'm not aware of too many things, i know what i know if you know what i mean."

It's 2:30 a.m., technically Monday morning, but I'm going to pretend it's still Sunday night. This past week has been...interesting. I've been sick all week, had way too much work, too long practices, and not enough sleep.

Monday through Friday consisted of class, crew, sleeping, eating, and studying. Tuesday my journalism teacher said "life sucks, then you die," which pretty much set the mood for the rest of the week. On Wednesday I had a huge biology exam, which is a big problem since I did awful on the first quiz and did awful on the exam as well. I'm going to need a tutor. Pronto. Thursday I skipped biology to sleep, first ever class I missed, so much for keeping my perfect attendance. I'm actually mad at myself about it, but being sick and extremely sleep deprived and having to wake up two hours later to go to a three hour crew practice, and knowing I wouldn't miss a single important thing, I'm trying to forget about it.

Friday night Neg and I went to Club Rise from 11-1. It was fun, but I wouldn't go back again. There were so many sketch balls. Yuck.

Saturday we slept in, had lunch with Yalda, and then spent a few hours on Newbury Street. It was ultimately a fail. Shops closed at weird times and certain J Brand jeans which were on sale were flare and not skinny. We did, however, get a free tall coffee at Starbucks, which was delightful. We got back and I was so excited to go to bed somewhat early and sleep in again, but no. We ended up getting ready and going to an apartment party, which lead to a 2 mile walk to a frat. Kegs, jungle juice, a really crappy DJ, and three hours later, we left. It was around 1 or 2, and we ended up going to be around 3.

Sunday I woke up around 12 planning on running errands all days, but instead I sat around until 2 and got a text from Emma and Mrs. Pratte that they were coming to visit me for lunch. I got ready, met up with them, and we went out to Uno's. It was so nice to see Emma! I thought I was going to have to wait fifty-two more days, but nope, there she was, in Boston, bullying me around. After Uno's we went back to Stetson West and I showed them my room, and then we walked back to where they parked and I said goodbye. I've now seen every loser's club member in Boston! Except for the biggest loser, of course. After Emma left I met up with Neg and we went to Newbury Street again, this time she was successful in buying two new pairs of boots and I was successful at a, thankfully open, CVS. Unfortunately, a gorgeous pair of shoes did not fit my entirely too large feet, and I left mad.

We got back, ate, I took a two hour nap (very bad idea), and now I have to revise and English paper and finish some Spanish homework.

I'm incredibly not happy about my current academic standings. I'm really worried about biology and I think I'm going to get a tutor. My English professor tore apart my paper and I feel like I need to redo the entire thing. It's due tomorrow.

I hope I make it through. I'm really overwhelmed.


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