Sunday, September 20, 2009

"where'd you get the coconuts?"

After the concert we took a cab back to Stetson and I hung out in Fonnie's room for a little until Neg came home. I took a shower and hung out with a bunch of people in our dorm until about 4, when we finally went to bed.

We woke up at 1:15, got ready, and went to lunch around 2:30. After lunch, Neg and I walked to the MFA for an English project where we have to "have a conversation with a painting." It was the first time I got to see the giant baby heads! I actually had no idea there were two of them, I always thought there was only one.

We took a couple pictures, walked around a bit, and were done and back at Stetson within half an hour. I finally got to take some pictures in daylight, which was nice, but the 2 minute walk from the MFA to Stetson didn't really offer much.

Our building was offering a "Pajama Party" tonight at 7 to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but we skipped out on it.

I still have a paper to write for college writing and a quiz on chapters 1-5 in biology tomorrow. Shoot me. I was hoping not to procrastinate this much in college. Then I have a meeting at 5:30 about crew and then practice. Hopefully between 2:40, when I get out of class, and before crew, I am able to go buy Mat Kearney tickets for Wednesday!

I love Boston. :)


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