Friday, September 11, 2009

"we went to get a remote and came back with 2 loaves of bread and a pumpkin"

8:00-9:40: my first journalism class

After my first journalism class, Neg and I got ready and went out for brunch. After that we headed down to Newbury Street to do some shopping at Urban Outfitters. Neg and I both bought two shirts apiece. It started to rain some so we decided to head home. We got back to the dorm and Fonnie and I went down to do some laundry. It took us two and half hours and $13.50 combined for us to do our 9 loads. I didn't shrink anything! It was quite a success. Then I did a little over an hour of housekeeping: organizing my drawers, putting away my clean clothes, cleaning my desk area, washing my dishes, and reorganizing school supplies.

Around 5:30 Fonnie and I went to dinner and then at 6:30 headed off to Sex, Drugs, and Dr. Drew. It was hilarious yet kind of sad and informative at the same time. No photography was allowed so this is the best picture I could get on my phone. It ended around 9 and we had to run back to the dorm in the pouring rain. From 10:00-11:00 Mike and Bobby played Xbox in the room. Neg was gone for her dad's birthday and was sleeping at home so I had the dorm all to myself.

Off topic: A few days ago a bunch of us tie dyed shirts in front of Stetson East. I rinsed out my shirt last night and this is the final product.


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