Thursday, September 10, 2009

"have fun tapping that hot, hot sally fields."

8:00-8:45: forced myself out of bed and got ready.
9:00-10:15: went to breakfast and hung out with Fonnie.
10:30-2:40: college writing, spanish, biology.
3:00-6:30: hanging out with Neg and Mike in the dorm, skyping Cait, eating dinner.
7:00-8:30: David Sheff lecture
8:30-9:15: skyping with Joe
9:30-10:30: worked out with Neg
11:00-12:00: chatted with Joe and Emma, showered, went to bed.

I suck at time management and I'm awfully lazy lately. Today I was suppose to go return my Spanish books and get my new ones, redo my Spanish notes, register at the gym for group fitness, go to the library and print out my biology notes, do my english homework, and go buy Dr. Drew tickets. But I didn't do any of that. Oh well.

Tonight we listened to the author of Beautiful Boy, David Sheff. I really liked the book and even bought and read his son, Nic Sheff's, book, Tweak. He kind of sucked at speaking but he made his point clear about the lack of help that is given to the people with the disease of an addiction.

Tomorrow I have my first journalism class from 8:00-9:05 and then the rest of the day off. I think I'm going to bring my laptop, camera, and ipod with me and hang out in Centennial Circle and take pictures. Hopefully. Also, I think Neg and I are going to go to Urban Outfitters and spend some money that us poor college students don't really have. Pictures, pictures, pictures!

Goodnight Boston!


Cait said...

such a lovely life
and im jealous of your closeness to UO

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