Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"everything is different, everything has taken it's toll. everyone around me crowds in but we all feel alone."

Dunkaccino in hand, I arrived to my journalism class 15 minutes early today. There was no chance I was going to be late again. Though, I did feel feel better when a kid strolled in around 8:30. I had my laptop with me today so that helped keep me awake as well.

After class, at 9:40, I called my mom as I walked back to my dorm, informing her that I think I'm starting to get sick. I had a sore throat all morning. When I got back to my dorm at 9:50 I went straight back to bed.

Around 11:30 a car backfired right outside our window and some kids screamed, and people thought that someone got shot. I jumped out of bed, half asleep, looked out the window, then crawled back into bed until 1.

At 1 I woke up and got dressed for my swim test. I walked over to Cabot for 1:30 to swim my four laps and tread water for 3 minutes. It was easy, but I stupidly forgot a towel and had to walk back to my dorm wearing drenched clothes.

I put on dry clothes and went to down to eat at 2:30. At 3 I left for my other journalism class, which is suppose to be more of a freshman seminar, guiding you on your major's path. The class is suppose to be from 3:25-4:30, but we got out at 4. From there I went to an hour of study hall until 5. From 5-5:45 I hung out in my dorm, and then went to practice.

We had a weight lifting practice today from 6-7:30. We did a warm-up, squats, bench presses, and a ladder of push ups and crunches. I already know I'm not going to be able to move tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the first day we'll be going to the boat house and practicing on the water! I'm so excited.

I'm even more excited to go to bed before 11. Goodnight!


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