Monday, September 21, 2009

"did you see the size of my butt? i went to mcdonalds."

My new Needtobreathe shirt that I wore today. :)

Skyped with Loser's Club again today! For like a solid hour, it was epic. Then I had crew from 5:30-7. After crew I had dinner with 5 other crew girls as we talked about the awesome assistant coach, the fact that they actually do random drug tests, and the 5 hrs a week study hall we have to do all first semester.

I wore my senior shirt to practice. :)

Then I conferenced call with Loser's Club minus the biggest loser (which reminds me that I need to watch that episode), and watched Castle at 10.
Joe thinks Fonnie's bitter. And Emma won't stop going on about coconuts.

Also, I ate my last granola bar today. Which I guess is a good thing for there will be no more snacking at night. Now all I have is two boxes of hot chocolate, two boxes of tea, 1 package of lemonade packets, 1 bag of popcorn, and a jar of peanut butter. I need to steal more apples from the cafeteria though.

Hopefully bed early since I have an 8am class that I will not miss the first 20 minutes of.


Joe W said...

It's true, she is bitter. and moodie.

Cait said...

yay for the seniors shirt i wear mine to bed all the time, im wearing my ths sweatshirt right now actually lol

Terri Greene Henning said...

Really, Joe? Moody??? Bitter??? Seriously??? I might just have to take away your editor's chair.

Grey Sequins said...


Cait said...


Joe W said...

Take my chair, and i'll find a way to take all of your Diet Coke that you have stashed in your room. Then we will see who's moody.

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