Sunday, September 27, 2009

"cause when i leave for the night i ain't coming back"

Long day. Journalism class 8:00-9:40. Study from 9:45-11:45. Showed up 10 minutes late to my biology lab which was fro 11:45-2:45, but we got out at 2. Then I ate lunch and had practice from 3:30-6, and then had dinner with the team. Got back to the room, showered, and got ready to go to Club Rise, an 18+ club in Boston.

Eventful night.

So, first off, we have to take the T to get there. Neg and I both have $20 bills with us, which we put into the T when we get on. Unfortunately this was the reason for our downfall. The T gives us back a Charlie ticket worth $18. At that point we are on the T and have no money with us at all to get into the club. We end up going to the club, cutting the 300+ people line and getting a ticket, but still not having the necessary $10 per person. We see people from Northeastern and even Kayla and her group of friends from Simmons, but no one will spot us to get in, so we leave. We walk back to the T and get on, ride for probably 5 stops and realize we got on the wrong line. Some very nice strangers then give us directions on how to get back, involving getting off in a few stops, taking a bus to another T stop and taking the T back to Northeastern. Well we get off at the designated spot and we are waiting for the bus when, out of nowhere, Neg's cousin and his date walk by. They offer to drive us home, and we accept.

We get home around 12 and end up hanging out with Fonnie for a little while because her night was a bust as well. Then a couple guys who had gotten written up for drinking in their dorm came and told us about their night. They leave around 3, and another guy who was 25 and who didn't go to the school came and asked us if we knew where he could get some food. Our fault for having our door open at 3 a.m., I guess. Neg and I offer him an apple and he ends up sitting down on Neg's bed and telling us his life story for an hour. It was awful. He smelt so bad of smoke by the time we finally ended up kicking him out we had to douse the room with Frebreze. We went to bed around 4, and I had to wake up early for crew. It was bad.

And I'm getting sicker.


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